Prepare for war! Today we will be called forth, to be ready at a minute's notice, to respond to an immediate threat--the Redcoats!--that spies strategically placed in Boston indicate are heading in our direction. Grab your Brown Bess musket and make haste toward Minute Man National Historic Park. After we drive the British back to Boston we will take a peaceful stroll through Concord, learn a little about Colonial and Revolutionary Concord, and even participate in a town meeting, as we RELIVE 1775 as a real, authentic 18th century Concordian.

Day 3 of the Summer Field Study Institute will be concentrated in Concord, Massachusetts. Today we go to war! So grab some extra bagels/muffins from the complimentary breakfast bar and shove them into your knapsack. We will depart from the hotel at about 7:45 and arrive first at Lexington Green, for a brief lecture by Dr. Nancy Schurr. Then, we will head over to Minute Man National Historic Park's Visitor Center at 9:00 a.m. Following an introduction and the park video "The Road to Revolution," we will travel to Hartwell Tavern for a 1-hour ranger-guided program "Rebels, Redcoats and Homespun Heroes" (see also the Teacher Activity Guide for this program, Lexington and Concord: A Legacy of Conflict Lesson Plan, and additional Curriculum Materials related to this historic site). Then, we will travel to the North Bridge Visitor Center for a 1-hour ranger-guided program "Who Shot First"

We will depart the Minute Man National Historic Park at approximately 12:15. If time permits, we may take a moment to pay our respects to Concord's literary community at Author's Ridge located in Sleepy Hollow Cemetery: Henry David Thoreau (1862), Nathaniel Hawthorne (1864), Ralph Waldo Emerson (1882), Louisa May Alcott (1888). Other notable burials include Tennessee native author and long-time University of Tennessee professor Richard Marius and Daniel Chester French, an American sculptor best known for his sculpture of a seated Abraham Lincoln at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C.

At 1:00 we will arrive at Concord Museum for the rest of the day's programming. We will eat lunch at the Museum's French Hall and follow that with a presentation by Dr. Robert Gross (University of Connecticut): "Concord and the American Revolution." Join me in bringing along your copy of Minutemen and Their World to be signed by Dr. Gross. Also, if you have any questions from the book, this would be a great opportunity! Following Dr. Gross's talk, we will meet with the Concord Museum's education staff for an introduction to the Museum and "Meet the Families" of Concord as part of the Museum's "Relive 1775" educational program. Next, we will visit the Museum, have a discussion of object-based learning, and meet a living history interpreter. Then we will participate in a Town Meeting, with discussion and adaption for the classroom. After the education programs, we will have a little time for self-guided tours of the Museum.

RELIVE 1775—Concord Museum

While at Concord Museum, we will all participate in Relieve 1775, an educational program developed by and offered through the Museum, which puts you in 1775, as members of 6 Concord families [see the ].

The Museum’s rich collection is used to promote group discussion of the issues confronting a colonial family. The day finishes with a Town Meeting to discuss, debate, and resolve a documented 1775 dilemma.

Take a look at the following document and find your name: .

Everyone has been adopted into these 6 Concord families (they had more male roles than we needed!). I took one for the team and designated myself as the “slave.” Please be sure to look through the Relive 1775 Pre-Visit Packet and find your historical character on their family sheet and familiarize yourself with your role and your family, where they live in town (see provided map), the occupation of their head of household, and any pertinent stories on their family sheet. Now, take out your copy of Gross’s book and thumb through the Index to find your name. I may be wrong, but I believe everyone’s 18th century Concord-ian is described in the book itself.

We will depart the Concord Museum at 5:00 p.m. for dinner in the nearby region or downtown Lexington.

Concord Firing Demonstration.jpg
Firing Demonstration, Minute Man National Park
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