When we board our "Chariot" for the Summer Field Study, everyone will receive a Teacher Resource Binder that will be filled with materials relevant to the Field Study, including 8 & 1/2' x 11' laminations. In addition, teachers will receive a copy of Nathaniel Philbrick's Mayflower and Vincent J. Cannato's American Passage: The History of Ellis Island. Perhaps these books will make a great follow-up to our site visits to both Plimoth Plantation/Mayflower II & Ellis Island? If so, enjoy these books!

Got time in the evenings to read before the trip and you are interested in getting a copy of one of these books beforehand? Then drop me an e-mail and I will rush a copy to your home.

Boston 1.jpg
Some goodies--minus the Lenny's napkins--one will find in their Summer Field Study Teacher Resource Binder

Mayflower.jpgAmerican Passage.gif
For more information on Nathaniel Philbrick's book, see Mayflower.
For more information on Vincent J. Cannato's book, see American Passage: The History of Ellis Island.