Welcome to the Boston-New York City Summer 2012 Field Study Institute Wiki

Here, on this Wiki created specifically for the Summer 2012 Field Study Institute (July 8-July 13, 2012), you will find the week's events--day by day--and additional information on the sites and people that we will be visiting and meeting during the course of the institute. We will be covering material primarily on Colonial America and the American Revolution for 4th & 8th grade teachers and the Industrial Revolution, Progressive Era, and especially Immigration for 5th & HS teachers.

As we near the Summer Field Study (and beyond) additional Teacher Resources related to the site visits and content will be posted on the Wiki. I encourage anyone who would like to add additional Teacher Resources (Lessons Plans, etc.) to do so by posting them to the Teacher Resources Page (see Navigation Sidebar to your right) that is specifically designed for such Resources.

Note: The Wiki's text and images may not appear as symmetrical (in other words, as pleasing to the eye) on some desktops or non-widescreen monitors.